Ronald R.
Las Vegas, NV

Construction service – Ronald R’s Review of GreenCare

I just moved back to Vegas and invested In a nice home, I had an idea for my landscape but needed some help. I found Greencare Designs with a Google search, I made a call to their office and was greeted professionally, they made an appointment for their designer to come to my house and survey my yard, this was also a pleasant experience. A week later I was presented with a design of my yard, not just on a piece of paper but on a large colorful glossy that showed exactly what my yard would look like. I was happy with the price we decided upon and signed the contract. They helped me with the home owners paperwork we have to submit to get approval and after a couple of weeks I was approved. Within days of approval material arrived and construction began. I work during the day so I wasn’t there as the crew was doing the work, but I had a big smile on my face every evening I got home, progress was fast and everything looked good. In the end I had a very pleasant experience with Greencare, from the presentation to the final walk I took with the construction guys explaining everything to me and the support from them when I had a plant die on me. I would highly recommend Greencare.

GreenCare Review in Las Vegas

GreenCare Construction Service Review in Las Vegas

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