Luis B.
Las Vegas, NV

Luis B’s Review of GreenCare’s Pool Building


Greencare building pools…HMMM… all I can say is OUTSTANDING!!! One of the stipulations for my recent home buying was for it to have a pool size lot. I was moving from out-of-state and did not know anything about any of the pool companies here in Vegas prior to the home purchase however; researched different companies via the internet and opinions from other individuals and found Greencare had a really good word of mouth reputation and IMO after the build is the top pool company in Vegas.

Anyway here’s a little detail… I finally found just the right house. Before I completely closed on the home, I called Greencare to come to the home for an inspection of the yard to build a pool and to enlighten me of what I could expect during the pool build process, any expected problems, concerns, etc of a pool build. After several months of living in the home while building the pool now just filled with water I have had no real issues with it due to the expertise from Greencare. They send detail at the very beginning explaining the entire process which was incredibly helpful. During the build each problem was addressed promptly; Every time one of the Greencare people came to my house for a different stage, they were very informative and treated my pool as if it was their very own. Their workmanship is top notch. Their employees are well trained and it shows in their work. There is no doubt Greencare knows how to build a Pool…this Company is one in a million, giving homeowners like myself the satisfaction of knowing Greencare stands behind its name, product and company. Greencare hires the best of the best, expects and delivers the same from each employee I have come in contact with. Kudos to you and yours Greencare! THANK YOU!!!!