Jeremiah A.
Las Vegas, NV

Jeremiah A’s Review of GreenCare’s Pool Construction


Greencare made the whole pool construction experience incredibly pleasant and the staff was top notch. Constant emails updating me throughout the process were a great help! Everyone that I spoke with had at least a decade of experience in the pool construction industry and made me feel reassured throughout that I invested my hard earned money wisely. Every crew that showed up at my house you could tell they had experience and they were all incredible craftsmen. I really enjoyed watching the process take place in the backyard. When it all started they sent a very detailed description of how the work was going to go and I went on the website and filled out a form which then sent me even more information. I took the time to read everything because this was a big investment for me but with the informative information they provided it really helped me understand the process so I would recommend taking the time to read through all of it. I highly recommend Greencare to build your pool. Thank you Greencare:)