Hanson T.
Las Vegas, NV

I had the best experience with Greencare ever!!! Thanks to Jeremy Bristol, a landscape designer, who did his homework in one night and showed me that he can turn my entire backyard into a nice, and cozy tropical landscape. He showed me a layout through his 3D drawing which was too good to be true at first. I was so happy and signed a contract right away with a very good price he quoted me. I did do some research before I finally signed a contract with Greencare. Other companies failed me because they couldn’t ‘Wow’ my expectations! I’m so satisfied and impressed with the result of the landscape. It actually turned out even better then the drawing itself. The team did an excellent job!! I watched them and how hard they worked and were so detailed. Thanks to Fernando, manager, for being there for me and got the job done right. But I sincerely thanked Jeremy Bristol for his creative design and showed me what he can do. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have believed in Greencare. Overall, Greencare team deserved a 5+ star from me! And yes, I would definitely recommend Greencare to everyone….

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