Alexandria C.
Henderson, NV

Backyard Landscaping Alexandria C’s Review of GreenCare

Backyard Landscaping Review

First off, Greencare was GREAT!! This was my husband’s 2nd house, but my first house so you can imagine how crazy I was to find a company to give me exactly what I wanted. I wanted my backyard to be a place that we could relax in. This backyard had to be perfect. It had to be a place where my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, could be able to relax and enjoy her surroundings. This was very important to us. I myself am in the business industry so I know how people are more likely to leave a negative review more often than a positive one. I researched several different companies on yelp that had high ratings and low ratings. I picked out 3 different companies that stood out and my husband and I met with them several times so we could make the right decision. They were all great companies but only one stood out as the deciding factor for me. Jeremy with Greencare took it upon himself to ask if he could meet with my mother and ask her opinion of how she envisioned her paradise. I was sold right there. We decided to go with a pool, a patio cover and landscaping (which my mother had her ideas incorporated). The plans looked great and I was so excited to get this project going. It took a little longer than we thought to finish the backyard due to weather but we understood. Everything came out looking phenomenal. I can’t believe that one day I was looking at dirt and now I can walk around on the nice looking pavers I picked out. I really have no complaints. A few plants had to be replaced but Greencare to care of it all. I have to apologize to Greencare for being a crazy woman during the process but I wanted this backyard to be perfect for us, especially for my mother. We have shade to relax in, an absolutely beautiful pool to cool off in and beautiful landscaping to look at every day. Our yard turned out exactly how we wanted it and I praise Jeremy and Greencare for making it happen for my family. Thank you Greencare!!!

GreenCare Review in Las Vegas

GreenCare Backyard Landscaping Review in Las Vegas

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