Angel M.
Las Vegas, NV

Angel M’s Review of Olson Iron

We decided to install an entry gate for our house. We wanted a gate that didn’t look too busy, yet not so plain that it looked like prison bars. We decided on a design that was simple with knuckles spread throughout to break it up. Unfortunately when it arrived, there were less knuckle than we had agreed to and it look like the prison bars we didn’t want. We got a hold of Angel, he had the guys take a picture for him to look at while on the phone with us. He acknowledged that there weren’t enough knuckles. He gave us two options, for the guys to take the gate to return and fix it or to take $150 off the remaining bill. We decided for them to fix it. One of the guys suggested instead of knuckles, adding four casters along the plain bars. They wouldn’t have to take the gate and could come by within the week to finish the job.

They returned to finish the job, they installed the casters, also put a plate along the hinge portion and a sturdy door stop to keep the gate from hitting the garage wall. All without any additional cost. The gate looks great and we are completely satisfied. Thank you Olson Iron and Angel for making sure we were satisfied.

They also told us to call any time if we ever have any problems and they would take care of it. I know it’s not an empty promise.